Greeting from the Mayor

Greeting from the Mayor

Tivadar Puskás, Dr

Dear Visitor,

As the mayor of 2000-year-old Szombathely, I welcome you to this website. The geographical site of our town has been inhabited since ancient times; it was a flourishing settlement as early as Roman times. Subsequent centuries brought historic turmoil to the region, which affected Szombathely as well. However, the 1777 establishment of the Szombathely Diocese by Queen Maria Theresa brought a fresh impulse of booming development to the district under the supervision of the highly-educated and broad-minded Bishop János Szily. Another period of significant growth in the town’s history was between the years 1895 and 1902, during the mayorship of Gyula Éhen.

The Second World War took a serious toll on our town: Szombathely ranked fifth amongst the Hungarian cities hit hardest by the war. The fall of the Communist regime marked the beginning of a new era in the life of our town, which by the present day has become a hub of Western Transdanubia. With Hungary recently joining the European Union, further avenues of development have opened up to the town. Our long-term goal is to establish Szombathely as the centre of the Western Hungarian and Southern Burgenland region.

Dear Visitor,

browsing through the several thousand pages of our website, you can find interesting and thorough information on the history, sights, and current cultural events of Szombathely. We are glad to provide a vast array of practical information, hoping that an increasing number of tourists visiting our town will make use of the electronic customer service offered here. Visitors to our website can also gain a clear overview of the structures of our municipal government, its affiliated businesses, and local not-for-profit and other public organizations.

On October 3, 2010, I was bestowed the trust of Szombathely residents when I was elected their mayor. I consider this an honour, and I am aware of the great responsibility this task carries. With all of my strength I am working to restore this town, this „Queen of the West“, to its former glamour. And as Mayor Gyula Éhen once said:

It does not take a genius to create a modern town. All that is required is honesty, initiative, a sense of the good and true, compassion, hard work, diligence, and the harmonious balance of these.

I wish you pleasant and informative browsing!


Tivadar Puskás, Dr.
Mayor of Szombathely


Zene/Koncert: ALMA koncert

Helyszín: AGORA - Művelődési és Sportház, Szombathely, Március 15. tér 5.
Időpont: 2019 Október 20. (Vasárnap) 17:00

Kajakozási és kenuzási lehetőség a Csónakázó tavon (Sport)

Csónakázó tó, Szombathely, Kenderesi út
2019 Szeptember 16. (Hétfő) 16:30

Még több Sport ...
FOMO - Megosztod, és uralkodsz-Európai art mozi nap (Mozi)

AGORA - Savaria Filmszínház, Szombathely, Mártírok tere 1.
2019 Október 13. (Vasárnap) 14:30

Még több Mozi ...
Jóbarátok - Sopron Bank - Váci FC (Sport)

Sportliget II, Szombathely, Dolgozók útja
2019 Október 14. (Hétfő) 18:30

Még több Sport ...
Dream Team - Aptív - Tűzoltóság (Sport)

Sportliget I, Szombathely, Dolgozók útja
2019 Október 14. (Hétfő) 18:30

Még több Sport ...

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